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Mindful Workplace Community

Project Summary

The Mindful Workplace Community was set up to become the professional community for individuals and organizations who champion, commission, and deliver workplace mindfulness training. Users can sign-up to a paid account and become a member to establish connections, collaborate and share insights, access curated resources and use discounted entry to top events.

The problem was, that idea is all the company had. So the Mindful Workplace Community needed a dedicated development team that could build a digital product that delivered on the concept.

  • Charity
  • 7 months
  • 10
  • Laravel, VueJs, MySql

Application Functionality

  • The platform helps its members and people in general stay updated with the best practices at the workplace by means of news, webinars, and research articles.
  • The platform has public resources as well as members-only resources. Multiple subscription plans are available.
  • The platform allowed organizations to take up corporate membership, offering bulk discounts to their employees.
  • The platform also has event management capabilities to allow members to view the event calendar and register for the same.


MWC needed a dedicated development team and WeAssemble worked with their technical and product leads to understand the product requirements and collaborate with defining the team structure and job descriptions. WeAssemble built an elite dedicated offshore team in Mumbai, India who working under the client’s product team developed the product to a world-beating standard.


MWC now has 7,000 members who actively contribute to the community and constantly engage with the platform to ensure good mental health at their respective workplaces.