Meadow doubles revenue with support of e-commerce development specialists

Meadow doubles revenue with support of e-commerce development specialists



Overcoming talent shortages with offshoring

Meadow, a well-known fashion brand with a chain of stores and an e-commerce platform, faced challenges adapting to a rapidly-evolving retail industry defined by the rise of e-commerce and changing consumer behaviour.

Meadow wanted to stay ahead of the competition by identifying trends in the fashion retail industry and improving its online presence, customer engagement strategies and operational efficiency. Yet, its existing data infrastructure was fragmented, causing delays in data processing and delivery. To fix this, it needed a team of developers experienced in working with modern data warehouse architecture using cloud-based platforms and BI tools.

As its team didn’t have the know-how to manage this process internally and talent shortages made hiring locally too costly, offshoring offered an intelligent alternative.

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About the partner

Meadow is a popular fashion brand based in Malmö, Sweden.

With a chain of brick-and-mortar locations and an established e-commerce presence, Meadow is known for being a destination for Japanese streetwear and innovative denim lines, including Nudie Jeans.

INDUSTRY: E-commerce fashion
LOCATION: Malmö, Sweden

The solution

We met with founder Christopher to understand the project’s requirements, determining that we needed to recruit several experienced engineers who could build Meadow a bespoke platform.

Our recommendation was to build an offshore development team made up of experts in their technologies. With both Meadow and WeAssemble’s Scandinavian offices being based out of Malmö, our team was well placed to help this Swedish company access the offshoring potential in India.

DURATION: 1 year
TEAM SIZE: 10 experts

TECHNOLOGIES: Shopify AWS Amazon Athena Aws Glue Apache Airflow Tableau Amazon SageMaker


App functionality

One source of truth
Data processing
Advanced analytics
One source of truth

The project involved the development and implementation of a modern data platform that leveraged cloud-based technologies to enable efficient and effective data processing and analysis.

The platform provided the partner with a centralised repository for all their data, allowing for easier access and management.

Data processing

The platform also enabled the automation of various data processing tasks, reducing the time and effort required for manual data processing.

The goal was to help the partner increase their competitiveness, and operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance their decision-making capabilities by providing high-quality data products that can drive their business forward.

Our solution empowered the partner to manage and analyse their vast amounts of data efficiently, providing them with timely and accurate insights that can help them stay ahead of the competition.

Advanced analytics

The partner’s development team implemented a modern cloud-based data product architecture using BI platforms to provide near real-time insights and improve their operational efficiency.

The solution involves the use of advanced analytics tools, machine learning algorithms, and data visualisation techniques to provide actionable insights to the partner’s decision-makers.

The platform opened up new avenues for advanced analytics, providing the partner with the ability to perform more complex analyses of their data. This enabled the Meadow team to gain deeper insights into their business operations and make more informed decisions.

Accelerated team building

Using our six-step Filtered Talent process, our in-house specialists selected and interviewed several developers who were well-suited to the dynamic culture Meadow’s internal marketing and operational teams enjoy.

The WeAssemble team guided Meadow through our simple yet effective onboarding process, which saw their newest recruits set up with first-rate technology and access to Meadow’s technologies and communication tools. With training to get them up to speed with ways of working, Meadow’s new team was able to get to grips with the project with incredible speed and efficiency.


Enhanced collaboration

Neckermann offshore team case by Weassemble

With European operations based out of Sweden, WeAssemble has hired several Scandinavian Account Managers who are fluent in English, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. Our account managers support our partners in communicating their requirements, allowing them to explain their needs in their native tongue before ensuring this information is correctly passed on to their development team.

In Meadow’s case, founder and key stakeholder Christopher Åkesson was able to communicate with their Account Manager in Swedish, with the account handler bridging the gap by translating for their expert developers. This helped prevent any breakdowns in communication and keep processes running smoothly. Internally, the team kept managed day-to-day conversations during sprints via Slack and JIRA, frequently reviewing progress and managing priorities.

Neckermann offshore team case by Weassemble
Achievement spotlight
Opened up the capabilities of offshore development teams based in India to the Swedish market
Delivered an ambitious project on time and within budget
Secured annual cost savings of ~$500K


Meadow achieves $500k savings with support of offshore team

The product delivered by Meadow’s development specialists achieved significant results, with a 70% increase in operational efficiency.

Meadow was able to reduce its annual data processing costs by ~$500K, thanks to the improved efficiency of the platform.

Today, Meadow’s dedicated team of developers is responsible for maintaining Meadow’s e-commerce offering and data product and continues to deliver new components.

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