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Looking for top-notch experts in AWS Glue development? Planning to set up an offshore dedicated AWS Glue development team based in India?

Weassemble offers a dedicated team of AWS Glue experts, providing tailored solutions and cost optimization of up to 60%. If you’re considering offshore development in India, Weassemble can assist you in setting up a dedicated AWS Glue development team.

Why Choose AWS Glue for Your Data Transformation?

Serverless ETL
Data Catalog
Dynamic DataFrames
Built-in connectors
Access Management

Incremental Loading


AWS Glue is a fully managed extract, transform, and load (ETL) service that simplifies the process of preparing and loading data for analytics. Here are some key features that make AWS Glue an ideal choice for your data transformation needs:

Serverless ETL
Data Catalog
Dynamic DataFrames
Built-in connectors
Access Management
Incremental Loading

Why Hire AWS Glue Developers from Weassemble?

At Weassemble, we offer a dedicated team of offshore AWS Glue developers with expertise in building and managing data lakes, data warehousing, and serverless analytics solutions. Here’s why you should choose us:

Expertise of 5+ Years

Our average experience as developers would be 5+ years.


Integrity is our top priority. We respect your data confidentiality. Hence, we adhere to strict NDA's

Flexible model to chose

Hire a dedicated developer neither on a full-time nor hourly basis as per your requirements.

Real-time Monitoring

You can monitor the work progress in real-time in project management tools. You can keep yourself relieved by prioritizing the work to the dedicated team members.

Hassle-Free Communication

As all the developer's team members, no communication gap in good English communication.


Our reporting is regular in the interval, time to time basis as per client's expectations.

Expertise in AWS Glue Development

At Weassemble, we take pride in our expertise in AWS Glue development, offering unparalleled solutions for transforming and managing your data efficiently. With a team of dedicated AWS Glue developers, we bring a wealth of experience and a commitment to delivering top-notch data transformation services.

Data Lake Implementation

Leverage the power of AWS Glue to implement robust data lakes, enabling you to store, manage, and analyze vast amounts of structured and unstructured data seamlessly.

Data Warehousing

We specialize in building scalable and secure data warehousing solutions using AWS Glue, allowing you to consolidate and analyze data from various sources for valuable insights.

ETL Automation

Our expertise extends to ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) automation using AWS Glue, streamlining the process of preparing and loading data for analytics with efficiency and accuracy.

Serverless Analytics

Explore the benefits of serverless analytics solutions with AWS Glue, allowing you to focus on insights rather than infrastructure, resulting in cost-effective and scalable analytics.

Real-time Data Integration

Harness the capabilities of AWS Glue for real-time data integration, ensuring that your analytics and reporting are based on the most up-to-date information.

Performance Optimization

Our AWS Glue developers are adept at optimizing performance, fine-tuning ETL jobs, and ensuring that your data processing tasks are executed with speed and precision.

Frequently Asked Questions

In today’s data-driven landscape, efficient data transformation is critical for unlocking valuable insights and maintaining a competitive edge. AWS Glue emerges as a powerful ally in this journey, offering a host of compelling reasons to choose it for your data transformation needs.

Yes. We can sign the NDA. We believe in achieving the deliverables and also in keeping confidentiality.

We offer three different engagement models. You can opt to choose anyone based on your business or project requirements.

Significant features of AWS Glue are:

  1. Federated Queries
  2. Encryption and Security
  3. Query History and Performance Monitoring
  4. Geospatial Query Support
  5. Schema-on-Read

After reviewing your project requirements, we will be assigning a skilled, dedicated AWS Glue developer to your project work under the state-of-the-art infrastructure. If you are interested, you can interview until you meet the developer of your choice.

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