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Regardless of how small or complex your needs are, an agile and committed team is what powers it! Remote has never been so close. The best companies do not limit their teams with geography…

With our offshore software development company in India, we help you unlock the finest I.T. talent handpicked for your project size, complexity level and scope. Whether it is to augment your existing teams or build a dedicated development center, We will build you an elite team of software engineers, app developers, security consultants, project managers and more!

  • Customize your teams from 1 – 100+ elite software developers
  • Drive cost-efficiency with reduced risk and specialized teams
  • WeAssemble is European and Indian owned. We practise what we preach.

Our clients

11+Years Experience

55+Successful Projects

3%Top 3% Developers

325+Hired Developers

You Ask, WeASSEMBLE – The Custom Software Development Team of Your Dreams!

Driven by the Top 3% of Offshore software developers, our teams are adept at understanding, building, and delivering digital solutions for all your desktop web, and mobile development needs. As a custom software development and I.T. staff augmentation company, we offer solutions tailored to your company’s objectives in a sensitive, efficient and flexible way.

From start-up led apps to Enterprise builds, complex web-based systems to tailoring pre-developed platforms, we are an offshore software company that provides customized end-to-end development and deployment solutions for all your specifications.

Outsourcing Software Development

As an established software outsourcing company, tap into our proven software engineering expertise to outsource your development requirements. From specifications intake, team scaling, to tracking progress, our developers and project managers (present in your time zone) will ensure a quality, timely and full-cycle delivery.

Offshore Development Center

If you are looking to ramp up your IT capabilities with minimal costs and risks, we assemble your offshore development center. The offshore development center branded as your company, specialized set-up comprising, but not limited to, developers, designers, testers, product owners, and implementation managers to complement your existing teams and their expertise enabling a quick turnaround for quality, scaled delivery.

Dedicated Development Team

Do you think you have development requirements that demand the commitment and contribution of a fully dedicated team? Then this autonomous team is for you! We have all the experts you need to bring your development specifications to fruition, as and when you need them – We use Agile and Waterfall Methodologies to shape an implementation that suits you best!

Development Team Extension

Trust us to know that in software development you need all-hands-on-deck and more, and of course there are delivery schedules that were due yesterday! With industry’s top 3% talent in our fold, our developers are the quality pair of hands you need to augment your teams, at a very efficient cost, and with an option to scale as you go.

Who Are We?

WeAssemble is an offshore software development company with teams across the UK, Sweden, and India. With over a decade long experience working with remotely managed teams to deliver digital transformations across the globe, we are the leaders in providing flexible, on-demand and cost-effective outsourcing and off-shoring solutions.

Integrity in Everything We Do!
Right from the talent that we hire to the final project delivery, we uphold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Every member of our team is committed to delivering their day-to-day tasks with utmost honesty and transparency. And you can trust us to put more than our 100% in the simplest of jobs, even when we are remote.

Putting our Clients First
For us, everything we do starts with a client. Whether it is to scale up or scale your teams and projects down, or if it means proposing one model over another, we are here for the long haul. And, if we’ve learnt anything in our decade long journey, it is to listen to our customers, nurture them and grow with them! Delivering your business priority is our daily mantra and we strive for it every single day.

Delivering Excellence
We Commit. We Deliver. We Excel.
Whether we are delivering an industry-first digital solution or a flawless iteration of an existing product, we believe that true success lies in the details. Our teams take pride in going the extra mile to give your product the competitive advantage and

Why Choose Us?

Offshoring works, it’s really that simple! Our success from 11+ years across multiple industries with varying scale and complexities is a testament to that! Our origins both in product and agency have led us to build specific expertise across Europe and India that are hard to scale locally, giving us the firsthand experience to make every Offshore Development project for you a thumping success!

Experts at Every Step of Your Journey

Nailing competency and skill sets to hire only top 3% developers when engaging with 100’s of applicants was a challenge we set ourselves at the outset. With a 100% success rate and with our unique WeAssemble Filtered Talent process, we are proud to present you with talent that can plug their expertise into your project instantly and deliver to your needs, making us one of the top software outsourcing companies.

Your Culture at Our Core

While being a proficient software developer is important, we know that a cultural fit with your teams and organization is what will truly drive success. Our Talent Alignment teams based in the UK, Europe, and Asia, at the core of our operations, will ensure your organization’s ethos and team dynamics are at the fore when choosing the right talent for you. All our team members are 100% in-house so you always have help at hand.

Ready to Start When You Are

With 11+ years as an outsourcing and offshoring company building digital solutions, our expertise equips us to get your teams onboarded in the fastest time possible. WeAssemble the right offshore teams and models rapidly to get your project up and running.

Flexibility from The Get-go

We understand how development works and sometimes your needs may vary as you navigate through your project. Our flexible 30-day engagement terms mean that you can scale up or down as and when your project demands. Not to mention, ensuring you always have the right people for your project and team.

No Administrative Responsibilities

Once we have your requirements locked down, leave it to us to manage all hiring and administrative responsibilities to get your offshore development teams started or trail off, leaving you to focus on your products and services.

Teams On-demand

To ensure optimized delivery, we have dedicated Talent Alignment Mangers based in EU and Asia time zones to understand your project goals, development roadmap and talent needs. That way your dedicated outsourcing expert is only a call away!

Infrastructure Up to Date

Our teams are equipped with the latest technology and tools to guarantee their focus on your software development and your project alone! Fitted fast fiber internet a model infrastructure to provide seamless delivery and minimize any downtime risks.

Your Intellectual Property is Yours Alone

The security of your Intellectual Property is our utmost priority. All our teams are committed to a signed NDA to ensure complete confidentiality of your project from the get go.

Technology Expertise of Our Software Developers

Utilize highly experienced specialists in desktop, web, and mobile development.

What They Says About
Our Services

Part of our ambition was to remake our entire digital strategy of which our platform and it’s integrations played a key role. We still think of ourselves a little bit like a start-up and scaling smart is vital. WeAssemble really made that possible, building an elite team with capabilities, in high-demand technologies that we really couldn’t have done onshore.
Christoper Åkesson
At Queenswood Engagement we work with some of the major infrastructure projects in the UK, with stakeholders from the UK government down to local action groups that we need to engage. We are keen to be part of the push towards digital native solutions. WeAssemble have helped us build new teams and develop new products with simplicity and effectiveness.
Jack Day
Queenswood Engagement
We had large ambitions to build an offshore development team that gave us the technical proficiency and understood the unique culture of a 169 year old brand like Steinway & Sons. WeAssemble were frankly the only reason we succeeded with our ambitions. They built our offshore team from the ground up, a team that we really connected with not least because they were just really good but also because we enjoy working with them.
Craig Terry
Managing Director
Steinway & Sons

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