India-based offshore team delivers a revolutionary product for a market-leading stakeholder management firm

India-based offshore team delivers a revolutionary product for a market-leading stakeholder management firm

The challenge

Launch a product that would ensure they stood out from the competition

In 2021, Queenswood Engagement were already at the top of their game but wanted to launch a product that would ensure they stood out from the competition. Working with clients ranging from borough councils to rail companies, accuracy and dependency are non-negotiable for this stakeholder engagement firm.

That’s why they partnered with WeAssemble to deliver an innovative new product that facilitates the effective communication of how development plans can affect the communities around them. This new tool was to be used in critical meetings with stakeholders, mitigating risk in the planning of high-stake construction projects, making it a hugely valuable resource for Queenswood Engagement.

Queenswood Engagement
Location: London, United Kingdom
Industry: Stakeholder engagement & comms
Duration: 1 year
Team size: 9 experts
Technologies used: VueJs, Laravel, MySql, Git, Jenkins

The solution

Launch a groundbreaking digital product

Queenswood Engagement reached out to WeAssemble’s founders after being referred by  a mutual connection. After meeting with the Queenswood team, it was clear that time was of the essence. Their product team were looking to develop and launch a groundbreaking digital product imminently but did not have the dedicated resource to do so. Nor did they have the time to wait for an in-house development team to be recruited through traditional means.


An expert development team

Using our Filtered Talent process, we assembled a development team that was made up of front-end engineers, back-end engineers, a product manager, a project manager, QAs and DevOps specialists. All new hires were experts in their field who could quickly get to work alongside Queenswood’s 3D designer and product manager to bring their ideas to life.


Co-working space

We set up Queenswood’s new dedicated team with space in the WeAssemble co-working office. This is a space we created to provide developers with an opportunity to work more collaboratively and build their communities.

While the recruitment process was ongoing, we managed the acquisition of top-quality technology and equipment. This was set up for the new recruits in a space that is dedicated to this client.

Putting collaboration first

Collaboration between teams in India, UK & Australia

Queenswood’s new development team regularly interacted with them on a dedicated Slack channel, followed by sprint reports. Regular communication ensured that the project was delivered correctly and Queenswood’s feedback were implemented almost immediately.

Achievement spotlight
The creation of a flexible team that can be scaled as Queenswood’s needs develop
Seamless integration with existing culture and ways of work
Cost efficiencies that have saved Queenswood multiple six-figures that can be invested into further software development

The results

A visual and interactive tool

By choosing to build their development team with WeAssemble, Queenswood Engagement ensured their visual and interactive tool was built in a timely fashion. Plus, the costs they saved by subverting traditional recruitment practices could be reinvested in this and future projects. Representing a new future for Queenswood, this tool has the potential to be transformed into a game-changing SaaS tool for the construction industry.

Queenswood’s offshore developers have seamlessly integrated with their growing business, becoming a highly-valued part of the greater team. They continue to work on new projects with Queenswood and maintain existing tools.

The possibilities are limitless.

What could a flexible team of dedicated offshore developers do for your business?