Dedicated Development Team

We all have those long-winded and complex projects that require more than the time and effort our in-house teams can afford. With a Dedicated Software Development Team, you can secure the services of an autonomous team to provide end-to-end services from the ground-up, ranging from start-up builds to large-scale enterprise projects.

From UI/UX designers, Front-end/Back-end/Full-stack developers, DevOps engineers to QA engineers, Project managers and Analysts – get access to over 125 in-house experts to hand-pick your own dedicated team that will deliver to your software development needs. With a transparent reporting and engagement model, our Dedicated Development teams work autonomously, in an offshore setting and are 100% committed to your project alone.

What a WeAssemble Dedicated Development Team brings to the table?

Our offshore dedicated development teams are tailored to your projects without you having to worry about the heavy lifting of administrative responsibilities such as infrastructure costs, hiring etc. Our self-organizing teams use Agile and Waterfall methodologies to structure an implementation that works best for you.

Speed to Market

When working with tight deadlines, our dedicated Development teams are the extra hands you need to get you a jump start on speed-to-market. With your in-house teams focusing on their existing deliverables, your offshore development team can lend itself ensuring you have round-the-clock virtual coverage for your development needs.

Flexibility & Scalability

Dedicated teams are most successful when your development requirements are uncertain due to the scale and complexity of the project. As such, you need dedicated offshore developers who are agile, flexible and able to adapt to your changing requirements and pull in the right professionals at the right time. Our teams will provide the flexibility and advice you need to pivot the project, whether it is scaling up or down, ensuring your end solution is transformative and competitive.

Elite Talent

Our dedicated software development team can bring a variety of specialists to the table, specific to your requirements, something that is long-winded and complicated when hiring internally. Our offshore talent pool in India brings onboard only the top 3% of offshore developers for all coding languages, technologies with experience in a variety of verticals such as pharma, banking, FMCG, fintech, and many more.

Cost Effective

Setting up a software development team is expensive; especially, when considering complex, long-term projects. The uncertainty of up-scaling and down-scaling as the project takes shape is any leader’s nightmare, particularly from a cost management perspective. Our Dedicated Offshore Development teams that are based in India are designed to mitigate these issues and more – hand-picking the best talent for your project without the added expense that comes with hiring an in-house team. How does that sound?

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    Our Work

    Steinway & Sons UK, wanted to begin a move away from a lead generation platform and start to develop eCommerce capabilities to explore luxury retail online. WeAssemble built a product team for Steinway & Sons that integrated with multiple stakeholders within the client's organisation including retail, finance and sales teams to understand and develop a product that was sensitive to the unique needs of a luxury retailer.

    Queenswood Engagement manages the stakeholder engagement of some of the UK’s largest infrastructure projects including HS2. With the onset of the recent pandemic, Queenswood needed to develop a virtual engagement strategy to support its clients.

    Offshore software development for Meadow

    The Mindful Workplace Community was set up to become the professional community for individuals and organizations who champion, commission, and deliver workplace mindfulness training. Users can sign-up to a paid account and become a member to establish connections, collaborate and share insights, access curated resources and use discounted entry to top events.


    We had large ambitions to build an offshore development team that gave us the technical proficiency we needed to scale our product but also understood the unique culture of a 169 year old brand like Steinway & Sons. WeAssemble were frankly the only reason we succeeded with our ambitions. Leading us sensitively but with confidence they built our offshore team from the ground up, a team that we really connected with not least because they were just really good but also because we enjoy working with them. We knew the value of building an offshore team but it seemed dauntingly difficult, WeAssemble simply knew what they were doing and made the whole experience super smooth. Through WeAssemble we have unlocked a world of potential growth for Steinway & Sons and we look forward to continuing to build our team together.
    Craig Terry
    Managing Director, Steinway & Sons UK

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Some software builds are complex and outside the scope of what an in-house team can build. With a Dedicated Software Development Team, you can bring onboard an autonomous team that functions independently involving UI/UX designers, Front-end/Back-end/Full-stack developers, DevOps engineers to QA engineers, and Project managers to provide end-to-end software development and management services.
      A Dedicated Development Team model works best for complex, long-term projects with a potential to expand scope or pivot as you develop. The team comprises a select group of software developers, UI/UX designers, project managers and so on, who are proficient at working in an autonomous environment to achieve the business objectives whether it is for startups, mid-size companies, or large enterprises. Enlisting the services of a Dedicated Development Team provides quick and easy ramp-up, from zero to a full-size team that already has a mutual understanding of working with each other successfully and has now come together to deliver to your goals, without you having to invest in long-drawn process of hiring and setting the team up!
      When you hire a Dedicated Development Team, you enlist the services of an entire team and, in our case, top 3% of offshore developers. This team functions as a well-oiled machine, inspired by your goals, following your direction and workflow control to deliver every instituted milestone. This means you have complete control on the delivery and outcome without having to manage the team’s day-to-day tasks. Apart from taking away the painstaking and expensive process of recruiting the right candidates, you also benefit from a quick ramp-up to plug the teams and get started which makes a Dedicated Development Team model extremely cost-effective, especially considering the complexity and scale of projects.
      While we have multiple engagement models that have stemmed from our decade long experience of working with projects and organizations of varied scale, our Talent Alignment and Project Intake teams are specialists at understanding requirements, project goals and recommending the right model. Our track record of zero drop offs or model changes in the first 3 months is a testament to their proficiency, but, of course, you have the freedom to select a model that you think works best!
      Executing and timely delivery of a project is what classifies as success, ultimately. As a company that prides on over 99% project delivered within the committed timeframe, we’ve set-up rigorous processes to ensure transparency and alignment across all our engagement models, not to mention the commitment from our elite developers comprising the top 3% of offshore talent. With a Dedicated Development Team model, you have complete control on the workflow and the end-goal or staggered goals for the project. As an autonomous team, assigned project leaders and managers are expert communicators following your communication and report-out processes to bring your projects to fruition.
      Security is sacrosanct to us! And all the members of the working team are bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement before we commence a project.
      Yes, you can cancel your contract with us anytime. Allow us a little notice (mutually agreed upon) so we can facilitate a smooth transition of your project!