Augmented development team helps Sotheby’s scale property management

Augmented development team helps Sotheby’s scale property management

Property Management


Unlocking development potential with a flexible extension

Sotheby’s International Realty is a prominent player in the world of luxury real estate. However, their third-party property management tool with a static front end was limiting their business. As with many third-party solutions, this tool had several functionality restrictions. The SIR team needed a flexible product that supported and automated all parts of their business, from marketing and sales to property management and legal.

However, they didn’t have the technical expertise to take on such a project themselves, and their core US-based development team didn’t have the capacity. Plus, this short-term project didn’t necessitate the hiring of additional permanent developers, leaving SIR at an impasse. They needed a solution that was flexible, scalable and cost-effective. So, they turned to offshoring.

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About the partner

For almost 50 years, Sotheby’s International Realty has been connecting its prestigious clientele with luxury property listings in desirable destinations around the world.

Sotheby’s boasts over 1,000 offices worldwide, a global network of residential brokerage companies and over $1.5bn in annual revenue.

INDUSTRY: Luxury property management
LOCATION: US, London, Madrid, Balearic Islands

The solution

Building an offshore team was the most effective way to justify creating a native property management platform built around the exact needs of the SIR team. After meeting with WeAssemble to explore their offshoring options, SIR opted for a dedicated development team solution. Such a team offered many benefits, including expedited build time and cost savings compared to onshore hiring.

DURATION: 12 months
TEAM SIZE: 20 experts



App functionality

Custom lead management system
Property management solution
Four front ends with custom CMS
Custom lead management system

The team build a custom lead management system for SIR’s agents. Designed to maintain processes, this system managed customers across their lifetime, capturing all communications and automatically allocating new leads to agents.

Property management solution

SIR required a modernised property management solution; the first step was to migrate all properties and data from their legacy database into the new system with a custom script.

The new system interlinks with the lead management system, automatically creating dynamic property brochures for agents to send to leads with their inputted pricing.

Four front ends with custom CMS

SIRs team created four front ends with custom CMS, one for each location: Menorca, Majorca, Ibiza and Madrid.

The website features a chat integration to support customer engagement, multiple currencies, languages and units to appeal to a larger demographic and a custom search function with the option for leads to receive automated email notifications with new properties that match their search.

Putting collaboration first

SIR’s development team extension worked closely with their in-house tech lead, who managed the product development and who presented outputs to the firm’s MD and founder/owner.

In addition to integrating with the US-based development team, the SIR and WeAssemble teams worked together online across multiple time zones and languages, using Slack for day-to-day communications and managing sprints via Jira. This provided the foundations for an efficient process that supported the smooth running of the product pipeline. We also provided training on how to use their new property management platform.

However, their core US-based development team was working at capacity and could not be scaled fast enough to deliver this critical project. Plus, this short-term project didn’t necessitate the hiring of permanent developers, leaving SIR at an impasse. They needed a solution that was flexible, scalable and cost-effective.

While communication is key in any working relationship, it is imperative when working with a global team. As the SIR team is based across the US, UK and Southern Europe, we needed to overcome the challenges of managing communication across several departments, languages, time zones, cultures and geographies. Our process is designed to be conscious of such challenges; with the correct mindset and tools, we were able to not only meet but overcome these challenges.

In order to prevent delays from occurring following the roll-out of their new management platform, we created a manual on how to use the platform, ensuring the SIR team had all the support they needed to seamlessly integrate the new tool into their day-to-day work.


How to build a perfect offshore team

Meadow case by Weassemble

WeAssemble’s in-house recruiters set out to augment their existing team, sourcing CVs from a selection of highly-talented developers in India. Our Filtered Talent process, which aims to only hire from the top 3% of developers in the country, ensured everyone interviewed was highly qualified, trained in the required technologies, and aligned with SIR’s culture, including their ways of working.

We recruited front-end and back-end developers, DevOps, QAs, business analysts, a product manager and a project manager to support SIR’s existing team. This team of 20 experts was set up with first-rate equipment pre-loaded with the partner’s technologies, ready to get to work.

Meadow case by Weassemble
Achievement spotlight
Made cost optimisations by enabling SIR to build its own platform solution and significantly reducing ongoing costs associated with third-party tech licences
Increased efficiency across the entire organisation by facilitating the automation of processes
Supported collaboration between global teams, smoothing over communication across multiple time zones and languages and championing round-the-clock development


SIR stays competitive with management platform delivered by offshore team

Today, SIR continues to use its bespoke property management platform. This has allowed the luxury international realtor to remain competitive with a unique service tailored to their specific ways of working.

An added layer of automation across the business has better connected previously siloed teams, including international estate agents, client management, marketing and senior teams. This agility in how they manage their properties and agents has allowed SIR to own the value available to them.

SIR’s flexible development team extension was hugely successful in helping launch a bespoke platform, working closely with their existing team on custom API integrations and helping link the tool into the business’s larger infrastructure. In turn, this has kept SIR competitive and generated greater profits.

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