Offshore Software Development Services

Accelerate your digital transformation by offshoring your software development with our end-to-end services, that help you conceptualize, design, build and deploy innovative software solutions customized to your needs.

Offshore Software Development Made Easy

With over 20+ offshore solutions delivered globally; we pride ourselves with our time-tested process and engagement models to digitize your business.

When you offshore software development, you don’t just hire specialists who can build for your specifications, but you also have access to experts you can pull along the way as your needs change. This offshore development model is ideal when you are looking to develop a software from the bottom-up or rejig your existing product to new requirements to keep you ahead of your competition. Once we embark on this journey together, our agile, full-cycle approach will help you better understand your challenges, develop a solution, and iterate the design to ensure the delivered solution is a sustainable product for your organization.

In Your Time Zone

Our teams are widespread in multiple time-zones to ensure availability based on your convenience, and efficiency to deliver on time.

Hassle-Free Communications

Our industry-leading “filtered” talent selection criteria demands not only proficiency in coding, but also expert fluency in English so you can communicate with ease.

Real-Time Tracking

With fully automated project management and tracking tools, we empower you to monitor and assess the progress of your deliverables in real-time.

On-time deliveries

We value both your and our time, and hence ensuring speedy deliveries is very dear to us. The advantage of having resources in different offshore centers means there’s someone working for you round the clock allowing for extended development time and on-time deliveries.

Scale as you Grow

We don’t just build products to meet your current needs but also future proof them keeping the scalability of your organization in mind. While you can upsize and downsize mid-project, our teams will share a complete forecast, replete with risk assessment and detailed specifications, in case you were to scale.

Value Driven

Our goal is to drive maximum value for you. And hence, our offshoring development model, with elite talent from our offshore centers, such as India, delivers cost-efficiency for the best quality digital products.

Our Engagement Models

Everyone loves flexibility, especially when engaging a third-party. Our engagement models have been developed keeping in mind customers like yourself. Our rich and diverse experience coupled with valuable feedback from our clients have given rise to the below Offshore Development models – simple, efficient, and applicable to every business need. Our Talent Alignment teams will deep dive with your teams to determine a model and duration that is ideal for your needs.


  • Hire teams on a per-month basis
  • Monthly billing cycles
  • 30-day flexible cancellation


  • Pay for effort by the hour
  • You can pre-determine hours or add/revoke hours, per your needs
  • Flexible cancellation

Our Work

Steinway & Sons UK, wanted to begin a move away from a lead generation platform and start to develop eCommerce capabilities to explore luxury retail online. WeAssemble built a product team for Steinway & Sons that integrated with multiple stakeholders within the client's organisation including retail, finance and sales teams to understand and develop a product that was sensitive to the unique needs of a luxury retailer.

Queenswood Engagement manages the stakeholder engagement of some of the UK’s largest infrastructure projects including HS2. With the onset of the recent pandemic, Queenswood needed to develop a virtual engagement strategy to support its clients.

Offshore software development for Meadow

The Mindful Workplace Community was set up to become the professional community for individuals and organizations who champion, commission, and deliver workplace mindfulness training. Users can sign-up to a paid account and become a member to establish connections, collaborate and share insights, access curated resources and use discounted entry to top events.


We had large ambitions to build an offshore development team that gave us the technical proficiency we needed to scale our product but also understood the unique culture of a 169 year old brand like Steinway & Sons. WeAssemble were frankly the only reason we succeeded with our ambitions. Leading us sensitively but with confidence they built our offshore team from the ground up, a team that we really connected with not least because they were just really good but also because we enjoy working with them. We knew the value of building an offshore team but it seemed dauntingly difficult, WeAssemble simply knew what they were doing and made the whole experience super smooth. Through WeAssemble we have unlocked a world of potential growth for Steinway & Sons and we look forward to continuing to build our team together.
Craig Terry
Managing Director, Steinway & Sons UK

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Offshore Software Development is the process of delegating your product build to a team based in an offshore location that will collaborate with your teams or work independently to deliver your software requirements.
    Building a future-proof, optimal software requires specialized effort and the ability to pull in different technology experts at various stages of the design and development cycles. If you are looking to develop software from the ground-up or upgrade your existing platforms to keep up with your expanding business or with new functionalities, your in-house teams may not be sufficient. Once we embark on this journey together, our agile, full-cycle approach will help you better understand your challenges and develop a time-tested solution not only for your specifications, but your business and industry needs as well.
    Based on your requirements and timelines for delivery, you can choose from 3 different engagement models:
    -> Monthly – Engage a team for a fixed period of time, in this case, monthly.
    -> Hourly – Hire a team to work on an hourly basis, mostly useful for small-scale projects that have a quick turnaround
    -> Fixed Cost – Engage a team for a pre-determined cost based on the output expected, not bound by number of hours or time invested.
    While we have multiple engagement models that have stemmed from our decade long experience of working with projects and organizations of varied scale, our Talent Alignment and Project Intake teams are specialists at understanding requirements, project goals and recommending the right model. Our track record of zero drop offs or model changes in the first 3 months is a testament to their proficiency, but, of course, you have the freedom to select a model that you think works best!
    Executing and timely delivery of a project is what classifies as success, ultimately. As a company that prides on over 99% project delivered within the committed timeframe, we’ve set-up rigorous processes to ensure transparency and alignment across all our engagement models, not to mention the commitment from our elite developers comprising the top 3% of offshore talent. With the Offshore Software Development model, the project team will align with you on the appropriate reporting cadence and keep you abreast on the progress and milestones as you work together.
    Security is sacrosanct to us! And all the members of the working team are bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement before we commence a project.
    Yes, you can cancel your contract with us anytime. Allow us a little notice (mutually agreed upon) so we can facilitate a smooth transition of your project!