Neckermann’s travel platform takes flight with offshore team

Neckermann’s travel platform takes flight with offshore team


The challenge

Leveraging an offshore team to build a scalable travel tech

Already an established and well-known presence in European travel, Neckermann was preparing to enter the competitive UK market. They decided to take a fresh look at the travel tech required to drive B2C growth in the UK and lay the technical groundwork that would enable the business to scale in the future.

The Neckermann team met with WeAssemble at 2022’s World Travel Market conference in London. They were interested to understand how they could leverage an offshore team to underpin their approach to product development.

Andrew Baker, Director of Travel Vogue Ltd
"Creating a product development team can be a risky and time consuming process, but with WeAssemble there to advise on technical expertise..."
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About the partner

Neckermann Travel is the UK arm of the leading global travel distribution organisation of the same name.

With 30+ years of experience helping holidaymakers discover new locations and book the perfect holiday.

Neckermann Travel creates package holidays for UK-based travellers.


LOCATION: United Kingdom

The solution

Collaboration is everything in offshoring, and during a series of comprehensive meetings with the Neckermann team, job roles and team structure were established. We ensured this spirit of collaboration remained consistent throughout the partnership with regular meetings between the WeAssemble and Neckermann teams, providing the support needed to help reach their objectives.

DURATION: 1 year
TEAM SIZE: 10 experts



App functionality

Predictive search
Multi-functional calendar
Customer reviews
Informative destination and collections pages
Responsive and mobile-friendly design
Predictive search

Neckermann’s team improved its site’s predictive search functionality, providing a seamless shopping experience for travellers.

They built an optimised search function that delivered results using search parameters based on cities and hotel names.

Multi-functional calendar

Neckermann’s team integrated a user-friendly calendar display with a date flexibility indicator and the option to change the number of nights in one click into the search functionality, filtering the search results based on availability.

Customer reviews

Consumer reviews are an integral part of retail experiences and an effective sales driver. The developers integrated Trustpilot reviews into Neckermann Travel’s site to help improve consumer trust through social proof.

Informative destination and collections pages

Neckermann’s team crafted several destination pages populated with comprehensive overviews of locations and collection pages for users searching for specific needs (e.g. adults-only).

Based on user data, these pages provide travellers with a handpicked selection of destinations tailored to their preferences.

Responsive and mobile-friendly design

Launching a responsive and mobile-friendly app was a priority in order to remain competitive in today’s digital landscape.

Neckermann’s team ensured the app’s digital experience was optimised for all devices to reach a wider audience, increasing engagement and conversions.

Filtered Talent

WeAssemble kick-started the Filtered Talent Process, ensuring we built a team that fit Neckermann’s competence and experience criteria. We drew up job descriptions for the identified roles, advising on technical expertise and cultural fit. To reduce risk, HR reviewed each candidate’s work history and conducted in-depth interviews to ensure they were as qualified as they appeared, had a background in Neckermann’s specific tech stack and shared an interest in travel.

Overcoming the talent gap

Building a dedicated team in India allowed the Neckermann team to bypass the talent gap and the high costs of creating a team onshore in the UK. In overcoming these challenges, they built a flexible and talented team with huge cost optimisations compared to onshore hiring. The client also had access to WeAssemble’s extensive pool of existing resources, ensuring any gaps were quickly filled.

International team

European & Indian-led

Neckermann offshore team case by Weassemble

WeAssemble has operations centres in Europe and India, providing clients with a global approach to team-building that prioritises technical expertise and collaboration.

Working with WeAssemble’s UK-based account team provided the service level and accountability the Neckermann team desired.

This provided the client with opportunities to share feedback and helped bridge the gap between the UK-based client and the India-based development team.

Our approach built a stable and trusting partnership, helping Neckermann optimise its costs without compromising quality or competency.

Neckermann offshore team case by Weassemble
Achievement spotlight
Helped Neckermann Travel enter the competitive UK market with a beautiful and functional ecommerce site
The team was assembled with specialists in relevant fields, providing the client with the expert support they needed quickly
The new website launched in time for the 2023 holiday season due to our streamlined approach to team building


Neckermann makes huge cost optimisations with offshore team

Neckermann’s flexible and talented team offered huge cost optimisations compared to onshore hiring.

With the support of this dedicated team of specialists in relevant fields, Neckermann entered the competitive UK travel market in time for the 2023 holiday season with a functional travel platform.

They had quick access to the expert support they needed and achieved a quick turnaround thanks to our streamlined approach to team building.

Customer review

As a highly esteemed platform, this service is trusted by 150,000 companies. It meticulously evaluates each review submitted to it and directly communicates with customers to guarantee that their feedback is objective.
Andrew Baker, Director of Travel Vogue Ltd
United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Creating a product development team can be a risky and time consuming process, but with WeAssemble there to advise on technical expertise and cultural fit, it was almost effortless. We’ve even been able to scale our team size up and down month by month. That’s why we loved working with WeAssemble — they helped us access the talent we need at significantly reduced costs, with the flexibility we need.


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