Nerds meets deadline with dedicated offshore development team

Nerds meets deadline with dedicated offshore development team



An economical, secure alternative to traditional hiring

NERDS Collective has been successfully helping the world’s biggest brands disrupt the youth market for years but wanted to launch a new product that would revolutionise the agency’s approach to market research.

They needed a development team to build their new market research tool but found traditional onshore practices limiting. Not to mention, the project’s high-risk profile meant working with a third-party agency was not a viable option.

Building a permanent team to work out of their London offices was too costly, and a lack of talent in the city could lead to significant delays.

Luke Hodson, Founder of NERDS Collective
"We had a great idea for a software product but couldn’t find developers in London to join our team fast enough. For all the ambition we had, we needed WeAssemble’s technical..."
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About the partner

NERDS Collective is a youth marketing agency that uses big data to help brands get closer to Gen-Z audiences.

They offer insight, strategy and creative work to some of the world’s most innovative street culture and youth brands using a unique research tool.


INDUSTRY: Marketing
LOCATION: London, United Kingdom

The solution

In seeking alternative methods of team building, NERDS CEO and co-founder Luke Hodson discovered WeAssemble’s unique approach to offshoring. Between significant cost savings, access to top-notch global talent and accelerated time to market, it was clear that building a dedicated offshore team was the best-fit solution for NERDS’ challenges.

During an initial conversation, we scoped out their resource requirements and devised a plan to build NERDS a dedicated team based in Mumbai, India, that would plug into the NERDs organisation and become their go-to team offshore.

DURATION: 2 years
TEAM SIZE: 15 experts


Let’s assemble

The partner had previously had a negative experience with Indian teams via a larger offshore supplier; retention had been an issue, with new faces regularly replacing those who knew his projects inside-out.

We look at building teams offshore differently. At WeAssemble, it’s not just plug-and-play; we focused on building a team that bought into what NERDs wanted to achieve as a company.

Using our six-step Filtered Talent Process, we assembled a team that fit the competence and experience requirements but, more importantly, also fit NERDS’ culture. We drew up job descriptions for the roles we needed to hire for, advising on team architecture and technical expertise while NERDS awaited the start of their newly-hired tech lead. Our in-house talent team identified a selection of highly experienced engineers, putting their top picks through a rigorous multi-stage interview process.

To guarantee our partner’s product would be in safe hands, we ran HR risk mitigation to ensure each new team member was as qualified as they appeared. Our process made sure the candidates were passionate about marketing, data and youth culture, allowing us to build a team for NERDS that has experienced minimal churn. This team is still dedicated to supporting NERDS to reach its ever-evolving goals.



Seamless onboarding

E-commerce development specialists by Weassemble

When building a team, it’s vital you consider how they will integrate into the existing business’s organisation. WeAssemble’s model made sure NERDS had the support needed to onboard its new team. Reviewing NERDS’ operations to ensure we were making the best recommendations for their ways of working.

This included setting up compliant data security requirements and providing high-speed internet and a comfortable work environment. We set the team up on top-rate technology with all the required tools pre-loaded to help them hit the ground running. This included sourcing high-speed Macs and setting up the team with profiles connected to NERDS’ existing Slack and JIRA channels.

E-commerce development specialists by Weassemble

Prioritising collaboration

WeAssemble provided NERDS with a Europe-based account manager, who offered same timezone support to the senior NERDS team, including answering questions and being on hand to rectify issues. This high level of communication and accountability is fundamental to ensuring a successful partnership when working across continents, time zones and cultures.

Using Slack and JIRA to enhance communication, NERDS’ offshore team seamlessly integrated with their existing operations. The developers and QA worked closely alongside NERDS’ product team to deliver a high-quality product.

Achievement spotlight
Support on hand throughout the process to ensure smooth recruitment, onboarding and kick-off processes
Successfully launched a high-risk project that has offered endless value to customers
Built a low-risk team within a budget that required a flexible approach to recruitment


NERDS’S investment in offshoring pays off

Taking the risk of investing in creating a new product from the ground up paid off for the NERDS team. Working in sprint developments, their dedicated offshore development team defined, developed, and QA’d the product to a high level, helping NERDS accelerate their time to market.

The NERDS team has disrupted the market with a brilliant new tech product that allows them to provide their clients — including many of the biggest brands worldwide — with a unique market research offering.

NERDS has retained its first wave of developers and expanded its dedicated development team, which now sits at 15 experts strong and continues to provide NERDS’ client roster with new and exciting ways to challenge the status quo.

Customer review

As a highly esteemed platform, this service is trusted by 150,000 companies. It meticulously evaluates each review submitted to it and directly communicates with customers to guarantee that their feedback is objective.
Luke Hodson, Founder of NERDS Collective
United Kingdom
United Kingdom

We had a great idea for a software product but couldn’t find developers in London to join our team fast enough. For all the ambition we had, we needed WeAssemble’s technical know-how to get the project off the ground.

Their approach to team creation really aligns with our ways of working, and they’ve been critical in helping us create a dedicated development team that bought into what we wanted to achieve at speed and with minimal churn.


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