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Weassemble got high skilled WordPress developers who hold 5+ years of experience on average, expertise in building WordPress applications.

It includes WordPress theme development, WordPress plugin development, WordPress website development or management, and WooCommerce development to provide 360-degree support.However, we support hiring a dedicated team of WordPress developers based on the engagement options, either hourly or full-time basis.

Why Would You Need To Opt WordPress For Your Business?

WordPress is the most famous content management system (CMS) in open-source. It’s free for installation and deployment. Plugins and templates give better flexibility and reduce both cost and time. Some of the other benefits of WordPress are:

Theme & Plugin Development






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Why To Hire WordPress developers from Weassemble?

Weassemble provides top-notch support with its expert WordPress developers. We assure the clients to achieve higher ROI by optimizing their cost by leveraging Weassemble resources. Some of the other reasons why to hire a dedicated WordPress developers team from Weassemble are:

Expertise of 5+ Years

Our average experience as developers would be 5+ years.


Integrity is our top priority. We respect your data confidentiality. Hence, we adhere to strict NDA's

Flexible model to chose

Hire a dedicated developer neither on a full-time nor hourly basis as per your requirements.

Real-time Monitoring

You can monitor the work progress in real-time in project management tools. You can keep yourself relieved by prioritizing the work to the dedicated team members.

Hassle-Free Communication

As all the developer's team members, no communication gap in good English communication.


Our reporting is regular in the interval, time to time basis as per client's expectations.

Expertise In WordPress Development

Weassemble got certified WordPress developers in our team. Our team has expertise in a variety of WordPress solutions and achieves top-notch quality results.

Customizable WordPress Solutions

Our remote WordPress developers are adequate to create and handle complex, customizable solutions for various enterprises.

Dedicated WordPress Developers Team

We have a specialized team of dedicated offshore WordPress developers and project managers who work on all sorts of expertise solutions.

Responsive WordPress Sites

Weassemble offshore developers are creative enough to provide attractive and responsive WordPress websites.

WooCommerce Development

Hire highly proficient WordPress programmers remotely and use them to work on WooCommerce to fulfill your eCommerce goals.

Plugin Development

Hire qualified WordPress developers to work on highly scalable and lucrative plugins that suit any device.

Integration & Migration Services

Weassemble helps to hire a specialist to do migration from the existing site and integrate with WordPress seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose you plan to execute the project and deliver it on time. In that case, it is a great idea to depute a dedicated WordPress development team to work dedicatedly on your particular project and assure on-time deliverables.

Yes. We can sign the NDA. We believe in achieving the deliverables and also in keeping confidentiality.

We offer three different engagement models. You can opt to choose anyone based on your business or project requirements.

WordPress is open-source, and it’s free to use. It is designed to give SEO friendly environment and provides leverage to improve your domain’s optimization.

Our team is completely equipped with highly professional developers who progress on a day-to-day basis. To monitor the progress, Project management tools can be utilized. Apart from project management tools, other IM’s like Skype, Gtalk, etc., shall be leverage for quick communications.

Some of the reasons to pick WordPress over Other CMS are:

  • Easy development
  • Active Community for the development
  • Seamless customization
  • Creating authentication systems
  • Engaging applications

Contacts us

One of our customer success managers will get in touch with you within 24 working hours.
Note: We don’t sell your information and follow GDPR norms strictly.