PHP Developers

Are you planning to hire a team of dedicated offshore PHP developers? Weassemble offers you to hire a dedicated offshore PHP developers team based out of India, either to work on an hourly or full-time basis as per customer requirements.

Hire our dedicated PHP developers for web applications of any type.Why wait? Get in touch with us for a free consultation.

Dedicated staff, no freelancers
NDA for data confidentiality
Quick Turnaround Time
On-time deliverables

Our Expertise with PHP Frameworks

Weassemble’s remote PHP developers are excellent in handling various PHP frameworks to build a customizable web application based on customer requirements.

Why Do You Need To Choose PHP for Web Applications?

It’s simple! It’s an open-source, easily learnable, and secure web language. PHP is utilized to go from a small script to complex code of scripts seamlessly. Some of the other benefits are:

Easy integration
with Cloud

Easy Scalability


Faster Database

Faster Loading

Simple API

Highly Secured

Multilingual Support

Seamless Library

Why To Hire Java developers from Weassemble?

Weassemble provide top-notch support with its expert Java developers We assure the clients to achieve higher ROI by optimizing their cost by leveraging weassemble resources. Some of the other reasons why to hire a dedicated Java developer team from Weassemble are:

Expertise of 5+ Years

Our average experience as developers would be 5+ years.


Integrity is our top priority. We respect your data confidentiality. Hence, we adhere to strict NDA's

Flexible model to chose

Hire a dedicated developer neither on a full-time nor hourly basis as per your requirements.

Real-time Monitoring

You can monitor the work progress in real-time in project management tools. You can keep yourself relieved by prioritizing the work to the dedicated team members.

Hassle-Free Communication

As all the developer's team members, no communication gap in good English communication.


Our reporting is regular in the interval, time to time basis as per client's expectations.

Hire Our PHP Experts

Weassemble provides high-quality PHP experts who work on the full range of PHP web applications like Web app development, maintenance, integration, management, up-gradation, and finalizing a team of dedicated PHP developers.

Customizable Web Applications

Hire a strong, experienced team of PHP developers to build highly secure, robust, and high-performance applications

PHP Migration & Upgradation

Weassemble got a strong PHP expertise team to take care of integration and up-gradation of your existing app with PHP

PHP app Management & Maintenance

Our dedicated offshore PHP developers maintain and manage web applications with the best methodologies.

Full-stack PHP development

Hire a team of dedicated PHP developers who can manage both the front end and back end simultaneously.

Dedicated PHP development team

Our dedicated PHP developers are highly skilled and experienced in building complex web solutions seamlessly.

PHP CMS / Ecommerce development

Our PHP experts are capable of providing solutions to Ecommerce & CMS developments..

Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose you plan to execute the project and deliver it on time. In that case, it is a great idea to depute a dedicated PHP development team to work dedicatedly on your particular project and assure on-time deliverables.

Yes. We can sign the NDA. We believe in achieving the deliverables and also in keeping confidentiality.

We offer three different engagement models. You can opt to choose anyone based on your business or project requirements.

  1. If you plan to hire a developer or a team of developers to enroll with your development projects, it’s always better to target an Indian company for outsourcing.
  2. Weassemble is an Indian company delivering services across the globe. We shall provide cost-effective and high-quality PHP web developers, either on an hourly or full-time basis.

You can build multiple applications such as web applications, B2B Enterprise portals, CRMs, Content Management Systems, Websites, eCommerce platforms, etc.

PHP is a highly established language that provides access to build secured web applications. PHP has a great future by its current usage, and without any hesitation, you can develop your projects in it.

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Note: We don’t sell your information and follow GDPR norms strictly.