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Project Summary

Weli Creative runs family experience festivals such as the Magical Lantern Festival and Jurassic Kingdom across the UK and Europe regularly achieving 30-50,000 attendees per event. The project was driven by the need to unlock revenue from third-party ticket booking fees and to develop a bespoke ticketing solution for their own events. The primary aims were to develop an end to end ticketing booking system which allowed full customization of ticket types, allocations, promotions, event inventory as well as ticket scanning technology to fully integrate and automate the customer booking experience. 

We Assemble built a team to integrate with and scale the capacity of the clients’ internal development squad. Building teams for Front End, Back End, and Product Management departments.

  • Entertainment
  • 12 months
  • 10
  • Laravel, VueJs, MySql

Application Functionality

  • The system enables the client to set up ticket booking on their own platform with complete flexibility and gives them independence from third-party booking sites.
  • The system can manage inventory at granular levels of specific dates and multiple time slots within a day. The promotions can be configured for different customer groups and different booking slots.
  • The system is built considering minimum clicks and a customer can complete a booking within 3 minutes.
  • Separate login for the ground staff is created to enable QR code scanning at the venue. This is done using JavaScript and a mobile camera, it doesn’t require a separate mobile app or additional hardware device.


WeAssemble worked with the client technical lead to define the team requirements and use our proprietary ‘Filtered Talent’ process to find elite developers with the exact competency and also a perfect cultural fit. Smoothly forming a Front end and Back end offshore development squad that powered the project’s growth and delivered the additional project capacity with supreme efficiency. 


Weli Creative can now create events, sell tickets and use the payment gateway of their choice on their own platform. This greatly increases the revenue per ticket sold gives complete control to Weli Creative on their inventory, sales, and customer admission. It also has provided the foundation for scaling the platform for third-party vendors to use and opens up new space for growth for the team at Weli.