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Offshore software development for Meadow

Project Summary

Meadow needed to upgrade it’s e-Commerce platform in line with it’s marketing strategy, both improving the platform’s performance both for visibility and user experience as well as building connectors to integrate a number of third party tools.
WeAssemble built a Shopify development team including Front-end, Back-end developers who integrated seamlessly with the client’s SEO, performance and analytics teams to implement the technology needed to enable the marketing strategy to succeed.
  • eCommerce & Fashion Retail
  • 4 months
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  • Shopify

Application Functionality

  • The search engine visibility played a key role for Meadow’s business and that’s why the team optimized the Shopify store for performance.
  • To overcome Shopify platform’s shortcoming for the SEO, various customisations are done at the theme level and app level.
  • To find out what’s working and what’s not, tracking is implemented and various funnels are created for better monitoring and optimization.
  • Analytics data is fed to external CRM for better reporting and decision making.


WeAssemble built a lean team of developers in a short span of time. The developers worked with Meadow’s SEO and analytics team to meet the objectives quickly. As the Shopify platform does not have a development or staging mode, the QA was assigned the task to test everything realtime, as and when the developers made any change.


Meadow’s organic traffic increased multifolds due to optimization and improvements in performance. The sales are at a lifetime high, despite reduction in paid traffic.

Client Review

Just before Covid hit, Nudie Jeans Co had joined our team at Meadow with investment and experience to help scale our eCommerce business to the next level, globally. Part of our ambition was to remake our entire digital strategy of which our platform and it’s integrations played a key role. We still think of ourselves a little bit like a start-up and scaling smart is vital. WeAssemble really made that possible, building an elite team with capabilities, in high-demand technologies that we really couldn’t have done onshore. The last 12 months have been super exciting and we are looking forward to what 2022 has in store, knowing with WeAssemble in our corner, scaling our tech won’t be an issue.
Christopher Åkesson
Founder, Meadow

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