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Project Summary

This project was driven by the need to move away from legacy software and to develop upgraded software around the specific use cases of the client and its stakeholders. The product’s ambition was to combine CRM, lead management, and property management functionalities as well as data synchronization with the global system. 

WeAssemble built Product Management, Front-end, Back-end, DevOps, and QA teams who integrated seamlessly with the client’s product delivery teams to work on product definition and development to a powerful effect.

  • Real Estate / Luxury
  • 18 months
  • 7
  • NodeJs, ReactJs, MongoDB, Docker, AWS

Application Functionality

  • As against the legacy system, the upgraded CRM could track all activities of a customer/prospect throughout his lifetime within the system. The system would track customers’ newsletter subscriptions, property interest, property purchased, preferential locations and would automatically communicate with them upon relevant property matching. The system is equipped with email communications and email tracking.
  • A bulk of properties were imported from the legacy system along with its changelog. The system was also capable of synchronizing existing and new properties with the global property management system.
  • For lead management, the system would automatically allocate the lead to a sales representative based on an algorithm. The system would also notify the sales representative’s immediate superior. Automatic notification and lead reallocation systems were implemented in case the current assignee did not contact the lead within the allocated time.
  • The system is built to seamlessly integrate with the SEO functionality, allowing the admin user to customize the URLs and metas for each property and CMS page.


WeAssemble worked with Sotheby’s product team recruiting and building a team of elite developers based in Mumbai, India. These developers passed through our robust and exacting recruitment systems making sure we had the right talent for both the clients working culture and of course technical competency.


Sotheby’s team can now manage properties, leads, sales team, and portal with ease. It has also overcome the herculean task of synchronizing properties with the global system manually and maintaining two systems. The sales team can now easily manage their respective leads through the system with efficiency. This has had powerful impacts on core KPIs up to and including conversion rates.